Hello!  My name is Colin Sedgwick, and for 40 years I have been a Baptist minister.  I have also done a fair bit of writing for various papers and periodicals, both Christian and secular.  My wife is a teacher and I have two large sons.  I hope you might find something interesting in my blog – I aim to provide regular Bible-based thoughts with a short prayer at the end. Perhaps you can use them to “top up” your own Bible-study and sermon-listening.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Although I consider myself an agnostic, there are many wise thoughts and opinions within your blog. Keep up the good work Colin!



    • Thanks, Evan! Great to hear from you, and many thanks for your kind remarks. I didn’t even know you were following my blog – how did you know about it!

      (I do hope you will let me know when the great day comes that you cease to be an agnostic!)

      Best wishes, Colin.


  2. Surely you ought to change ‘have been’ to ‘was’ you washed up old man you


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